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Junk Car Removal Langley - All around the nation, there have been many car scrapping programs that have offered incentives to the owners to get them to switch to more environmentally-friendly modes of transportation, thus eliminating the heavy polluting cars from roads. There has been lots of advertising targeted at buying a more efficient and newer truck, car, SUV or minivan.

The Canadian federal government during the year 2009, established a national car scrapping program which is to be operated by the Clean Air Foundation. This is the same group of people who run Car Heaven. The government of Canada is additionally giving financial support to current local car scrapping programs in order for them to expand their programs and their incentives. These local organizations might then become a part of the national network of partners who will help deliver the program all over Canada.

To be able to get older cars off the road, the Canadian federal government has provided nearly 92 million dollars towards the national car scrapping initiative. There are around 5 million private trucks and cars currently on the road which were manufactured prior to 1996. This was the year more strict standards that were environmentally conscious were implemented. The vehicle models pre-1996 generate roughly nineteen times more air pollutants than new cars and trucks based on Environment Canada.

Incentives for National Car Scrapping Program
This new national car scrapping program will offer incentives to owners of pre-1996 vehicles to scrap their cars and choose more environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Some of the incentives comprise three hundred dollars cash, utilizing a bike, membership in a car-sharing program and a transit pass.

Other incentives may include rebates on purchasing a newer vehicle, but it is essential to note that funding of the federal government will not be utilized for this section of the program. Instead, dealers and manufacturers will be encouraged to become partners in the program.

Eligibility for National Car Scrapping Program
In order to be qualified for the National Car Scrapping Program incentives, the personal vehicle, whether it be a minivan, pickup truck, SUV or car needs to be at least a 1995 kind. The vehicle must be in good running condition. The motor vehicle should be registered and insured by the present owner for the previous six months at least. Owners of vehicles who are not eligible for incentive rewards could receive a tax credit for the worth of the scrap metal.

Operation of National Car Scrapping Program
The national car scrapping program would be completely operational by January the year 2009. This national car scrapping program will be organized by the Clean Air Foundation, who is a national not-for-profit group that operates the Car Heaven program. Until the program is completely running, the federal government would provide 3.4 million dollars funding to local vehicle scrapping programs across the nation.

Removing these polluting and older vehicles from the street helps to make our planet a cleaner place and hence, helps us all a great deal.

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Junk Car Removal Langley

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