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Scrap Car Removal Langley - The topic of disposing old cars has been discussed a lot these days, with a lot of the attention being attributed to the "Cash for Clunkers" or also known as CARS program run by the American Car Allowance Rebate System.

In some respects the CARS program gained a lot of media exposure and can be deemed a success. The Canadian program provides benefits and features that are comparable to that of the American counterpart and could even be better on a per capita basis in general.

The program, known as "Retire Your Ride" has gained great popularity. This successful event has retired more than 16,000 old vehicles from Canadian streets to date. This translates to decreasing smog forming emissions by more than 800 Tonnes! We are all definitely breathing much better because of these cars being off of our roads.

This particular program is an initiative from the Clean Air Foundation, the Canadian Government and their respective partners. The Retire Your Ride Program is mainly designed as a mechanism to support the removal of old polluting vehicles from our streets. The program also works to ensure that these vehicles are recycled in a responsible way.

The ARC or also called Automotive Recyclers of Canada is the national voice of the automotive recycling business within the nation. The association has participated in the program development and has been instrumental in providing input for the Retire Your Ride initiative.

If that reward does not appeal to car owners, other incentives are available. For example, individuals can make use of bikes, receive discounts on new and second-hand cars and take part in car sharing programs. Moreover, there are transit passes available in the majority of major cities.

A vital part in the environmental and safe disposal of these older vehicles is from professional automotive recyclers. They are the individuals who make sure that each vehicle scrapped under the Retire Your Ride program is disposed of in a safe and environmentally sound manner.

The National Code of Practice for Environment Canada was established by the ARC. For those experts who are registered in the program and completed the training session held on the National Code of Practice, they are helping to ensure the complete process is smooth and seamless for everybody involved.

Auto Recyclers Play a Key Role in Disposing these Cars

There have been a variety of pro-environmental programs fostered by the Clean Air Foundation. The devoted people who make up the organization have shown that they absolutely understand the exact nature of the automotive recyclers. They provide a unique "Green" perspective which they bring to the table. The strong support from the ARC together with the vision set forth by the Clean Air Foundation and the call centres set up across the nation has set the goal of retiring at least 50,000 cars per year until March 31, the year 2011.The official automotive partners participating in the Retire Your Ride Program comprise Ford, Hyundai and Chrysler. These car manufacturers provide extra incentives over and above the $300 incentive which the government offers. These incentives are not tax payer money; they come out of the company's coffers instead.

In general, the advantages of automotive recycling, and particularly the re-use of high quality OEM car parts are extremely essential for the conservation of our delicate natural resources. This environmental factor is central to the entire Retire Your Ride Program. This program not only helps each person within Canada but it also promises great things for all stakeholders, and therefore is an appropriated vehicle retirement program that with a bit of luck would continue to be encouraged.

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Scrap Car Removal Langley

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